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The Viking burial site on the Orkney island of Sanday was discovered by a local farmer, John Deerness, in 1985 when he found bones sticking out of the ground and a small lead weight that was used for measuring bullion. The site was only further investigated by archaeologists in the 1990s when the true significance of the site was revealed.

What was discovered was the remains of a man, woman and child inside a boat which had since rotted away with only 300 rivets remaining. The boat was packed full of stones to make a walled enclosure which along with the bones contained other grave goods. The carved whalebone plaque was found alongside the woman and is now known as the Scar Dragon Plaque. Other significant artefacts were also discovered. No evidence of how they died or where they came from was discovered but it’s thought they might have come from Norway and the grave has been dated from 875 AD - 950 AD. Most Viking burials only contain the remains of one person where this one had three! You can’t help but wonder what was special about these three Vikings and their special burial to take them into the Viking otherworld.

Inspired by the Scar Dragon Plaque and how special and significant it is, Kevin made this mirror as a beautiful focal point for a home, that has quite a story to tell! This piece is made from Ash to represent the light colour of the whale bone from which the original is carved.

Dimensions 485mm x 610mm


Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is a special time of year in Orkney when the sun barely sets and thousands of visitors come to see Orkney’s famous standing stones. This mirror is inspired by these magnificent stones and the mystery that surrounds them. It features 24 different sections to represent the 24 hours of a day and these span out from the central circle which represents the sun. People often gather at these stones, especially for the Summer Solstice and if the weather and your timings are right you can see the sun rays span out from beautifully shaped stones.

Dimensions 295mm x 720mm



This coffee table features carved Walnut panels that feature the Orkney runic alphabet. These letters, written by vikings, can be found at various sites in Orkney and have been the influence of many Orkney creatives. Stone has been commonly used to make furniture in Orkney for many centuries, with the oldest examples being found at Skara Brae; the polished Orkney stone top in his design continues this with this theme.

Materials-Oak,Walnut and Orkney Stone

Dimensions 470mm x 470mm x 450 high


Orkney Stone-Topped Table

A simple coffee table with a stunning piece of polished Orkney stone set into the top. This practical table features tapered legs which is a distinctively Scottish feature and is constructed from Sapele using mortise and tenon joints.

Dimensions 500mm x 400 x 450mm high


Flax Basket

Made using traditional basket making techniques and Orkney straw. This coiled basket has a more contemporary look as it is stitched using black flax string rather than the more traditional white sisal string. These time consuming-to-make baskets will last a lifetime and longer and will find a wide variety of uses around your home. The one Kevin's family have is used as a fruit bowl. Traditionally these basket were made entirely from straw and string but Kevin designs and makes his own version of these with a solid wooden base to make use of cuttings of wood in his workshop. This addition offers a more sturdy and practical item.

Materials - Orkney Oat straw, flax string, Oak base.

Dimensions 390mm diameter x 140mm high


Solstice kist

Kists are one of the most practical items of furniture to own. Made from Oak this designer kist is not only highly functional, it is also a beautiful statement piece for any style of home. The kist top features a stunning marquetry panel inspired by the famous Maeshowe Chambered Tomb. The marquetry, like all the different shapes, sizes and colours of the stones that make the tomb, all fit together to build up a circular design. The circular design of the marquetry piece culminates to an engraved brass disc in the centre that shines when the sun hits it just as the inside of the tomb lights up during the winter solstice. Inside the kist, there is a carved panel that says "Solstice" in runic letters. To meet additional storage needs, there is also box and drawer to be found. Early kists were not made using quality heavy timbers such as Oak, nor did they feature flush handles as this one does as they needed to be lighter and easier to lift for regular moving.

Materials - various timbers make up the marquetry panel along with the engraved brass disc, while the main kist is made from Oak with inlaid cherry above the carved handles.

Dimensions 830mm 450mm x 465mm high.